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Wasp Control Information

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Wasp numbers have increased dramatically over the last 5 years. At Bug King we specialise in exterminating these annoying and potentially dangerous pests.

Why are wasps becoming such a nuisance?

Quite simply, introduced wasps find New Zealand a great place to live. There are no natural predators, the winters are fairly mild and there is a plentiful supply of food. As a consequence they're thriving and becoming more and more prevalent in the Auckland area.

What type of wasp have I got?

Surprisingly New Zealand has lots of native species of wasps, but these don't tend to be a nuisance as they're all solitary wasps (they live by themselves). The wasps we find the biggest problem are the social wasps that live in colonies. These are all imports of which four have become established here;

The Asian and Australian wasps build small nests about the size of an orange out in open (on fences etc) while the German and Common wasps nests are almost always hidden in walls, holes in the ground, etc and can grow to very large sizes if they survive over the winter months.

The German and Common wasps are the ones we notice most because of the size of their nests and their naturally aggressive nature.

Wasp Extermination. How we get rid of wasps.

Quite simply, if we know where the nest is we apply treatments to the entrance of the nest and this eradicates the wasps within 2 hours.

Bug King treats the entrances to ensure that the active ingredient is distributed throughout the nest. If treatments are applied correctly, the knockdown time can be as little as 60 mins.

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Frequently asked questions about wasps

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