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Why Bug King Professional Spider Control Treatments

Spider Control Information

Spider Control

Spider treatments is very similar to fly treatments and we recommend you combine fly and spider treatments at the same time. The control of flying insects removes a source of food for many spiders as well as controlling the web building spiders that are a food source for Whitetail spiders. Identifying the type of spider is the initial step in determining the appropriate treatment. Treatments generally focus on;

Bug King control measures include;

Do we have any venomous spiders in Auckland?

There are over 2,400 types of spider in New Zealand, of these only 3 need to be avoided;

The White-tail is the one that gets the most press. It's bite is painful but not usually dangerous. It's much like a bee sting. For most people it will hurt but for a few people, there can be a severe reaction.

The White-tail's food source is other spiders. This is why they are particularly noticeable to the New Zealand homeowner. They live where other spiders live and where we happen to live as well. Eliminating the White-tail's food source will see them move onto greener pastures.

Common Spiders

There are numerous other spiders in New Zealand of which none are venomous* to us. They are very good insect controllers in their own right, however they do produce extensive webbing that is unsightly and difficult to permanently remove.

*Urban myth alert! Cellar Spiders (Daddy Long Legs) are not the most venomous spider. They do have venom but it's just not that potent. They are also able to bite us but this will usually only cause a short lived burning sensation. Please go to our blog for more information.

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