Bug King - Professional Auckland Pest Control services. Safe for your family and pets.
Bug King - Professional Auckland Pest Control
Bug King - Professional Auckland Pest Control.
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"Winter; The month we all dread! The sun disappears at 5pm, its cold, people get sick more often, and rodents make an appearance!".See more here".

A focus on your SAFETY

Our number ONE focus is your Health and Safety

Safe pest control products

Bug King only uses licensed products that have been proven safe for humans and pets. You can feel confident that our pest control treatments are readily metabolised and any accidental contact you, your children or your pets may have with our insecticide passes straight through you with no (none, zero, zip, nada) residual build up.

The majority of our residential treatments use synthetic pyrethroids. These have been proven safe for all mammals over decades.

Other treatments (rodent, ant and cockroach baits) are applied and housed in approved containers or are positioned to minimise any risk to small children and pets.

Safe pest control process

Bug King technicians are licenced and throughly trained on safe, proven pest control process. Our processes are focussed on safety and are documented to a high level. Technicians are continually reviewed on process compliance.

We also have a particular focus on "sensitive" situations. Those where children, pets and medical conditions (such as Asthma) are involved.

Safe pest control equipment

Bug King uses state of the art commercial equipment to ensure the application of pest control product is the minimum amount required to get the maximum benefit. Less insecticide eqauls less potential risk, while still ensuring the most effective result.

All indoor treatments use automated spray units to ensure a high level of control and consistency when applying treatments.

For commonly asked questions regarding the safety of our products and processes please visit our F.A.Q. page

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Testimonials from our Customers

"Auckland's most customer focussed Pest Controller" "If you are after good service, great communication and someone who is passionate about their business (and cares about your bug problem), dont bother calling anyone else....."

Denise, Cockle Bay. Rated 100% for communication, quality, reliability, value.

"...excellent - efficient, punctual, polite and professional..."

Alex, One Tree Hill. Rated 100% for communication, quality, reliability, value.

"Prompt,professional service,offering sound practical solutions..."

Mark, Remuera. Rated 100% for communication, quality, reliability, value.

"Fantastic and reliable service - recommend to all."

Andrew, Three Kings. Rated 100% for communication, quality, reliability, value.

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