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"Winter; The month we all dread! The sun disappears at 5pm, its cold, people get sick more often, and rodents make an appearance!".See more here".

Bug King rat treatments include a free inspection and advice on excluding rats permannently

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Why Bug King Professional Rat Treatments

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  • Top rated Pest Controller on No Cowboys Independent Rating Site.
  • A trusted source of advice to NZ's media.
  • Guaranteed extermination of all active rat nests in your home or business.
  • Preventative rat baiting to control re-infestation by foraging rats.
  • Free bait stations included in all treatments.
  • Professional advice on stopping rats entering your home.
  • Options for regular service visits to continually control rats in high risk areas (i.e. creeks, bush, etc).

Rat Control Information

Do you need a Rat Extermination?

We've had a mild winter and it's looking like a big summer for rodent problems in Auckland. Mild winter conditions have kept rat populations steady and now they're set to explode. The type of infestations you're most likely to experience are;

Once rats have established a nest inside there is a major risk of damage to water pipes and electrical wiring. All rats exhibit gnawing behaviour. They do this to keep the growth of their teeth under control. Unfortunately plastic water pipes and electrical wiring provide a perfect way to achieve this.

Another common risk of rats is disease. Rats and mice all carry diseases. When they get into your food they leave urine and faeces in and around it. There's nothing worse than finally noticing a hole in the cornflakes packet you've been eating out of for the past week.

A lesser known risk of rats is that they're a source of flea infestations. All rodents carry fleas. Your risk of a flea infestation will increase if you have rodents living in your home.

Bug King has a proven track record of indentifying rat nesting areas and eliminating infestations.

Bug King Rat Extermination

Bug King uses our comprehensive "Three R" process to control rats;

Frequently asked questions about rats and mice

Do ultrasonic pest repellers work?

Short answer.....NO! More information available at our blog, why Ultrasonic Pest Repellers don't work.

Are rats hard to exterminate?

YES! You're probably looking at this website because you're home traps didn't work. Catching a rat is not always as simple as setting a trap with some peanut butter. Rats are survivors! They are neophobic (very wary of anything new) and have a well honed instinct when it comes to avoiding traps.

It is important to get the treatment just right. An experienced pest exterminator has access to treatments that rats prefer and that will clear out the whole nest and not just individual rats.

Why are rats coming inside?

Like us rats are mammals, they like what we like. Shelter, warmth and food. Unfortunately when it's cold, wet and there's not much food around, a nice warm dry home is very attractive.

If they're inside my home, where are they living?

Common areas that rats will set-up home are;

Where are rats likely to be living outside my home

Why are rats attracted to my yard?

Quite simply, rats find a good food source, seek shelter and set-up home. Good external food sources are;

What are they likely to eat inside my home?

They're mammals, they like what we like. They're just not as picky. Good internal food sources are;

Reduce your stress by getting rid of rats.

If you've got rats or mice, call us, we're more than happy to offer advice.

Need to exterminate rats? Let us help you get rid of rats and mice. Ring the King now.

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