Bug King - Professional Auckland Pest Control
Bug King - Professional Auckland Pest Control.
Bug King A.R.M. commercial pest control services.

The A.R.M. Difference

Bug King’s proven A.R.M. (AUDIT, RESOLVE, MONITOR) pest control products, systems and process will ensure your business is always armed against Pests.

A.R.M. offers industry leading Commercial Pest Control product, process and technology packaged with personalised customer service that only nimble companies can offer.

We understand business and the challenge you face getting professional, responsive services when you need them most.

Why an A.R.M. Pest Control Programme?


  • We are Pest Control experts
  • Industry best process AND personal service
  • We operate a 24/7 Call Centre
  • We are highly nimble
  • We use technology designed to support our customers.
  • All inclusive, cost effective packages.

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Commercial Pest Control for Food Manufacturing

Protecting your Business, your Reputation

A fundamental to your performance in third party audits is a comprehensive and effective pest control program. You need expert knowledge of pests, a solid understanding of your site and someone who can help you manage the changing audit landscape.

No two food processing sites are the same.

Under our A.R.M. program, we start with a comprehensive Audit of your site to understand the unique pest pressures of your sensitive food processing environment. Using these Audit results we will tailor a pest control plan to Resolve your specific issues and provide maximum protection. Regular Monitoring, comprehensive documentation and audit support will minimise your exposure to infestations and risk to your reputation.

You get a program specifically designed to your processing sites needs..

In addition to our standard A.R.M. package we also offer bolt-on services including;

Fly Control
Flies can become a major issue for Food Processers particularly over the summer months. Our A.R.M. fly control services will effectively control flies in your manufacturing areas and can be applied as an "as needed" control program or packaged under our A.R.M. Assure+ package to provide surety of cost.

Pests can enter your business through doors and small cracks. Bug King will work with you to seal potential pest entry points and help protect your building by making it less attractive to pests.

Call now to experience the A.R.M. difference and protect your business, your reputation.

p. 0800 54 64 54 | e. info@bugking.co.nz

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