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Fly Control Information

"What's bugging me is flies?" Fly treatments are the biggest request we get from Aucklanders over the summer months.Fly Control/Eradication

Identifying the type of fly and where the problem areas are is the initial step in determining the appropriate treatment. Treatments generally focus on;

Bug King control measures can include;

Types of fly

The common types of fly that you're likely to encounter in Auckland are;

Why are flies so bad for you?

We have a number of types of flies in Auckland. All are a nuisance and pose a hygiene risk. Unfortunately the type of fly that interacts with humans are some of the most capable of spreading disease. The reason flies are so unhygenic is because of the environments they prefer to live and breed in (unsanitary conditions, rotting vegetation and animals). In these places, disease-causing agents have been found to survive on outside body surfaces of flies as well as their gut and blood systems.

Flies liquidise their food before they suck it up by producing saliva which is poured onto their (your) food. Flies also frequently vomit onto the food while feeding. And if that wasn't enough they also frequently defecate while feeding.

If you're eating food that they've been eating ...........well, you're eating all this as well.

Need to fumigate for flies, give the team at Bug King a call for a fly free summer.

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