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Bug King flea treatments kill all stages of the flea life-cycle.

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Why Bug King Professional Flea Treatments

  • Top rated Pest Controller on No Cowboys Independent Rating Site.
  • A trusted source of advice to NZ's media. See our contributions here, here, here, here, here, here and here.
  • Very, very safe for children and pets
  • Minimum warranty period of 6 months
  • Our treatments kill all stages of the flea lifecycle
  • Our treatments work, GUARANTEED
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Flea Control Information

Flea infestations are very common in Auckland. In general they're not associated with hygiene standards but more with the Kiwi's love of their pets. Most flea issues are associated with cat's and dog's. Still there's no need get rid of your pets. Simple, effective treatments are available to control fleas.

Most pet owners will notice flea problems after they return from holidays or if you move to buildings where the previous people have had pets. This is because the pet hasn't been present to feed on and fleas that have not fed in awhile are much less specific about their choice of host and will readily feed on human blood if available.

Why is the flea lifecycle important?

Fleas have a complex, 4 stage lifecycle. Controlling fleas must address all stages of the lifecycle to stop the flea infestation. This is why flea bombs don't always work, they generally only target the adults. Only about 5-10% of the adult flea population lives on your pets. The other 90%, the eggs, larvae and pupa mostly live in your carpeting, bedding and living areas.

Flea Control

Bug King's flea treatments don't just focus on the adult fleas. We also concentrate on the other 90% to ensure that fleas are killed at all stages of their lifecycle.

Our simple control measures at Bug King include;

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