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Bug King - Professional Auckland Cockroach Control.
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New Industry leading process. No prep and no need to close down your busy kitchen to get rid of cockroaches

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Why Bug King Professional Cockroach Treatments

  • Minimum warranty period of 6 months
  • No preparation required. No need to clear kitchen items from cupboards
  • No need to vacate your home or business
  • Our treatments work, GUARANTEED
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Cockroach Control Information

Professional German Cockroach Control

To make the most of our efforts to control german cockroaches, Bug King uses a multi tactic approach.

If required Bug King uses "Sticky Traps" to determine what kind of cockroach you have and to estimate the extent of the problem. This helps determine the most effective areas to bait and/or spray.

Bug King uses a residual spray with an added bait ingredient to draw cockroaches out of hiding. These are proven to be very effective at significantly reducing the population, literally overnight. This spray treatment also provides residual protection to exterminate any breeding females as they emerge from hiding as well as juveniles hatching from eggs.

Do "do it yourself" treatments work?

Most people see a cockroach and immediately grab a can of bug spray, but a quick spray from an aerosol can won't provide long-term cockroach control and can actually make the problem worse by forcing the cockroaches into other parts of the home..

This is because the ingredients in most aerosol and "bomb" treatments repel cockroaches. Using these products can cause the cockroaches to hide deeper inside walls and be more difficult to control later. Effective eradication requires an understanding of the type of cockroach that's in your home, what they need to survive and how to exterminate or exclude them.

What type of cockroach do I have?

There are only two types of cockroaches, the one's that live inside your home and the one's that live outside.

Outdoor cockroaches are harmless but unpleasant for home owners. We can easily solve this problem by excluding these worrisome pests from your home. Please feel free to call us for advice.

Indoor cockroaches. Generally, only one species of cockroach makes it's home inside Auckland houses. The nasty German cockroach.

Unsure what type of cockroach you have. Check out our plain English explanation at the official Bug King blog.

Indoor cockroaches, German cockroach behaviour

German cockroaches live in groups and are most active at night. During the day, they like to hide in dark, moist cracks and crevices. Cockroaches can survive on a variety of foods including, crumbs, grease, garbage, cardboard and even wallpaper glue. Cockroaches do need water but can live for several weeks with very little.

Exterminate cockroaches and make sure they don't get established. Ring the King now

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