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Borer Control Information

People usually notice borer during their flight season (October to February). What's borer flight season? Read about it in more detail on our blog here.

If you live in an older home that was built with untreated timber, you can probably see holes from a borer infestation. These may from a past infestation, however if you notice sawdust coming out of the holes this is more than likely a new infestation.

If this is the case we strongly recommend you get a professional to check the roof, and more importantly sub floor spaces. The sub floor timbers are more likely to be infested as borer always prefer unvarnished or unpainted timber with a higher moisture content.

Borer Behaviour

There are several species of borer in New Zealand. The most common is the common house borer. The adult house borer beetle lays up to 100 eggs on bare timber surfaces or in old borer holes. Once the eggs hatch the larvae bore into the wood where they can stay and feed for up to 4 years. Once they near maturity the larvae pupate near the surface of the wood and finally emerge from the timber as an adult flying beetle. The exit holes they make when they emerge are what most homeowners associate with borer.

Borer Control

The strategy to control borer depends on the location of the infestation.

1. Borer infestation in the roof or under house areas.

Bug King applies a treatment to all exposed timbers. As the larvae near the surface of the wood they come into contact with the treatment and quickly die. This breaks the lifecycle of the borer before they reach adulthood and will eventually eliminate the total population.

2. Borer infestation inside the house.

Treatments applied directly to timber surfaces inside the home just aren't effective for killing larvae inside the wood. This is because the timber is almost always covered by paint or varnish that is very effective in preventing any treatment from penetrating to kill the larvae. However the right treatment applied to these surfaces during flight season (Oct to Jan) will kill adults as they emerge from the wood and prevent them from laying eggs in old borer holes, effectively breaking the lifecycle.

The bad news....this will need to be done for four consecutive years, the length of the borer lifecycle. The good news.....this can also double as an internal fly and spider treatment by covering additional surfaces. So it's not all bad. You'll get rid of the borer and be fly and spider free for at least four Summers,

3. Borer fumigation

Borer bombs will provide immediate knockdown of any adult borer during flight season BUT WILL NOT kill larvae in the wood and WON'T provide any residual surface protection once the fumes disappear. We do not recommend borer bombs as an effective borer treatment.

Need to fumigate for borer? Give us a call to complete an extermination.

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