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Treating for the wrong type of ant will make your problems much worse

Why Bug King Professional Ant Treatments

Ant Control Information

Ant Control

The broad types of infestation for anyone with an ant problem are, ants that live outside or ants that live inside. *Our control strategies are effective because we tailor them to the type of ant (very important) and the type of infestation.

Ants that live outside and forage in the home.
Bug King's general procedures to deal with this type of infestation are;

1. Spray a safe residual insecticide around entry points, paths, driveways, ant trails and visible nest entrances.
2. Apply a granulated treatment to gardens and lawns around the home.

The key aim is to eradicate the nest BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY to provide a barrier for neighbouring ant colonies. If you kill the nest on your property without providing a barrier you may be ant free for a few weeks but neighbouring colonies will quickly move in and the problem will return.

2. Ants that live (nest) inside your home.

More common are ants that actually establish a nest inside your home. Ants in this category may be present year round, although they will be more active in the warmer months.

For ants nesting in the home Bug King would apply contact treatments to areas where the ants trail. The ants would do the work for us by taking the active ingredient back to the nest and passing it through-out the nest, killing it over several weeks. If required, the technician will also apply internal treatments that provide more immediate relief from ants trailing inside.

Ant indentfication is highly important for ants living in the home. The treatment above is highly effective for ants in the home, however with certain types of ants it can make your problem worse by spreading the nests and queens. We will indentify these types of ants and apply alternative treatments using baiting solutions.

Bug King are now AntPro certified ant exterminators. AntPro certified exterminators are trained to a high degree to ensure the ants invading your home are correctly identified and effectively eradicated

Update July 2014: Winter is in full swing and ants are coming inside seeking food and shelter. Check out our latest blog post here for more details about common ant invaders and suggestions to help.

Update January 2014: We're getting a lot of calls about "ants with wings". Check out our latest blog post here for an in-depth description of why this is.

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